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Graphic designing is a vast field that takes its roots from the visual communication and communication design. However, the term graphic design and graphic designing are these days used for a much larger connotation. Anything related to the visual design of a book, comic, web page, blog, social media account and so on comes under the umbrella of graphic design. In this article we will learn how to make money as a graphic designer on fiverr.

Since most of our jobs have shifted to the ‘work from home’ ecosystem, the focus has shifted to freelancing and working for yourself. The year 2020 has seen radical shifts in employment patterns due to the novel coronavirus. It has reinforced what the industry was already fast-moving towards; a more remote-based work environment.  

Fiverr has a history of providing freelancers with the ultimate opportunity to land success by working from home. What started in 2010 as a freelance marketplace, quickly grew into a phenomenon, hosting buyers and sellers from all walks of life. It has many categories, but the first one on its homepage reads graphics and design.  

What are Graphics and Design 

Graphics and design or simply graphic designing have become a vast field due to the technological advancements of the modern world. Our internet crazy and internet-dependent world requires more visual representation of ideas and thoughts than ever before. To provide such content, you must hire the services of a graphic designer who is ready to sell graphic design services. 

Graphic designing is a greatly evolving field with the latest trends committed to providing a visual experience that caters to user experience. It is referred to as the UX/UI design, which is a burgeoning field and is fast approaching the heights of popularity.  

Fiverr and Graphic Designing 

As mentioned above, the first tab of categories on the homepage of Fiverr you’ll see is that of graphic and design. Hosting around 11 sub-categories and more than 50 different service areas, you can expect to find your suitable niche for sure. Freelancing platforms like Fiverr have been a godsend for design professionals failing to strike permanent graphic design jobs.  

It turns out; you don’t need to have a permanent job as freelancers earn even more than regular employees. Though it has some strings, you can earn and work successfully as a graphic designer. One noteworthy thing that graphic designers contested in the past is Fiverr’s five-dollar rule, where they put a limit on starting gig price.  

However, with the removal of this limitation, freelancers can quote their prices freely and command hefty wages based on their skillset. The platform is still highly competitive and requires thorough research before you can even think of making big bucks. To help you succeed in your quest, we will provide you with some useful tips to cut in this highly competitive freelance marketplace.   

Research – Research – Research  

As is often the case, careful research of your objectives and aligning it with the effort you need to put in achieving that objective is the key here. Researching is the most crucial thing you have to accomplish as you look to achieve success in the required field. Why is researching necessary? Well, you can ask yourself why walking is necessary before running? 

It is because you need to get the lay of the land before you truly excel in the field of freelancing. To grow a Fiverr career in graphic design, you must know what it takes to achieve that success and what successful graphic designers are doing and how they’re doing it. In this way, you can learn from the best to be the best in a much shorter time.  

A catchy profile is a good place to start 

Your Fiverr profile is the first thing that any prospective client will see, including your goals, objectives, profile picture, and description of yourself. Nailing these few things can mean a lot in the competitive world of Fiverr. It will transform your profile into a winner as opposed to people who struggle to find clients. How to achieve this, though? 

Firstly, you need to exhibit a bit of professionalism along with creativity. Since you’re a graphic designer, visual aids are the best way to showcase your skills. A portrait of yourself will work great that radiates confidence. Moreover, the description of yourself should be comprehensive yet brief to meet the character limit. A well-thought description is key here.   

You should clearly mention the services you will be providing and what skill levels you possess. Any certification will be a plus, but don’t oversell yourself as it will look desperate. Focus on the categories you’re excellent in and don’t be vague.  

Polish your portfolio  

Before you even set out for that winning profile, you must build graphic design portfolio that showcases your skills. It can be published work or work that you have completed for another employer. It can be your own creative work, but whatever form it may take, your portfolio is the key to get a job on Fiverr as a graphic designer.  

Make yourself a portfolio on free websites such as Behance that fully displays the skill sets that you have. Try to mix up a few things and cover a wide range of works so that prospective employees can see that they’re hiring a good all-rounder. If you are confident enough to possess a single skill set in the expert category, feel free to portray that in your work.  

However, keep your best work in your portfolio. Don’t shy away from learning for multiple sources and the internet. Platforms such as 99designs are a great way to see innovation at work and also help you better understand the graphic designing freelancing world. It contains competitions that you can participate in, and if anything else, it’s a great place to learn a few tricks of the trade.  

Nailing the Fiverr Gigs 

The first advice of ours, i.e., research, helps you get past this stage with flying colors. Researching your peers and successful ones at those who have built a reputation on Fiverr, will help you get some pointers on how to make your gigs. It is important as the Fiverr business model pretty much centers on it.  So what is a Gig, and how does it work? Well, let’s dive into it then.  

A Gig is a quote that you make for selling your services to prospective buyers. However, the Fiverr Gig is a bit different from a regular quote of your services. It is because this quote is not specific to a buyer, but for everyone to see. It makes a tad bit difficult to master the art of an effective gig, but here are a few pointers to make the Gig more appealing to buyers.  

  • Make the title of the Gig as engaging and catchy as possible. Make sure to add some keywords in by researching what buyers search for in the given category.  
  • Next up are the tags that you use to define your Gig, make sure to add a good mix of Fiverr recommended ones and researched ones from top gigs on Fiverr in the same category.  
  • Description of the Gig is vital for the success of the Gig as it will tell the buyer that you have a firm grasp over the skillset. The way you explain the work speaks for itself, and once again, it is a good opportunity to use some keywords here for your Gig to rank better in Fiverr searches.  
  • Fiverr may have put aside the five-dollar starting bid price, but you still need to research well to gain your first buyers. For a fresher on the platform, it can be difficult to get a foothold on regular work. Again, researching your competition and successful freelancers in the category will help narrow down your pricing strategy. Make sure that you don’t overestimate your skills and put a price that put offs, buyers.  
  • A simple yet effective strategy to launch a graphic designer gig is to include videos that highlight your skills. It is especially in the case of graphic designers whose skills can be effectively portrayed through this form of media. If you can’t make an intro video yourself, hire someone from the Fiverr community at affordable rates to the same for you.  

Gig Gallery – The Skills Showcase 

A part of your portfolio can be set to showcase your skills in the respective Gig gallery. Here you can put pictures, illustrations, and even videos that highlight what it takes to complete the required work. For example, it could show editing pictures, videos, and even animations if that’s your Gig.  

Most people post stock images in their Gig gallery, thereby demeaning the worth of this showcase. It is important that you use original material and preferably made by yourself. Relevant material would be preferable.  

Buyer’s requirements – Lock it before you work 

It is not just freelance work that can be affected by changes in scope. Almost any project work is subject to changes; hence it is important to be as specific as possible when a buyer asks for services. You should lock in the terms and conditions regarding the project and especially the scope of the work to be done. It is important not to shy away from the finer details as it will help you later in disputes if needed.  

One way to achieve such an agreement regarding finer details is to use the add-ons feature in the buyer’s requirements or the FAQs. These FAQs, you can set up in the Gig description explaining what is included in the Gig and within the quoted price. It offers an idea to the buyer what they’re getting at the budgeted price.  

Client Approval is a priority  

You may have locked everything before the project, but there can be a few hurdles along the way. It is important to maintain cordial relations with the client despite any such hurdles. It will ultimately lead to better relations with such clients who will then be amenable to hiring you again. Moreover, the clients will only hire you if you provide top-quality on the assigned work.  

The quality of the work on the show will determine future ratings and reviews, and this puts you on a better footing in the Fiverr marketplace. Open and honest communication is the key during projects as well as sometimes compromising to cater to the client’s reasonable wishes.  


Working as a graphic designer, or doing part time graphic design on Fiverr can turn into a very lucrative hobby. The amount of buying and selling conducted through the platform makes it an ideal choice to obtain regular work. Moreover, you can be the king of your own domain by working at your behest. The start of your stint may be tricky, but you should research well on how to portray your skills to the Fiverr community. Learning new skills and refining already learned skills also help attain a steady workflow.  


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