Fiverr has stormed on to the freelancing world to provide a platform that offers buyers affordable services and the chance for sellers to carve out a living for themselves. In this tech-savvy world, it was inevitable that the traditional marketplace would be replaced by something else. With the advent of many freelancing websites such as Freelancer and Odesk, etc., it seemed the freelance marketplace would take off. 

The real push came when Fiverr introduced these services at a much cheaper rate than the rest. Upwork had started to gain the world’s attention, but it still had stringent security measures in place. It also had a limited number of users who could sign on to their platform to offer their services for a given category. For this reason, other freelancing platforms sprung up, and the world’s freelance marketplace sees an immense influx of users in the past decade or so.  

Millions of freelancers actively engage in the Fiverr platform every month. It makes the website a lucrative one for users who leverage their skills and sell according to the rules and regulations of the website. However, there may be some instances that some users get their accounts suspended or even banned. Since these freelancers depend on these accounts for their livelihood, it is of utmost importance to them that they reactivate/recover Fiverr disabled account.  

It is important to mention here that there are several ways your account can get suspended, and it is important to be privy to those facts. More importantly, you should know that to reactive/recover Fiverr disabled account; you need some luck and documentation that will prove you didn’t disregard the Fiverr terms and conditions. We shall first look at some of the ways that your account may get banned or suspended because that is the first way to protect yourself.  

Multiple profiles on the same system 

One of the most common reasons for getting yourself suspended from the platform is to make two or more accounts from the same PC or laptop. If you look closely at the Fiverr terms and conditions, you’ll notice the fact that no user is allowed to operate two or more accounts from the same IP address. Since your laptop or PC gets only one IP address, it is quite easy for Fiverr to figure out that you’re violating rules.  

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 It is a no brainer that you should avoid making multiple accounts. Some people may want to bypass Fiverr laws and regulations, but it will ultimately result in their account getting banned. A legitimate reason for using the same system is when two siblings have an account on Fiverr and use the same system to log in to the website. Here you can make an informed case and argue that the terms and conditions aren’t violated, and hence the suspension int justified.  

Behavior with the Buyers 

One of the fastest ways to get yourself banned is to be rude to the clients. Clients on the platform will not tolerate any foul language or indecent behavior. Moreover, even if you don’t spout out any verbal profanities, there are other ways to get on the wrong side of the client. For example, if you are persistently trying to get yourself a good review from the client and harassing them to an extent for it, it will probably get you suspended.  

The message feature with buyers may be confidential, but the messages are still monitored. It makes your communications with the buyer important in terms of eloquence and good behavior. Also, make sure you don’t exchange personal information with any of the buyers as it is not allowed as per the Fiverr rules and regulations. Fiverr has a very stringent policy when it comes to allowing communication between buyer and seller other than on the platform itself. 

Outside payments and Five-star reviews 

Just like many other platforms and search engines that rely on ethical combinations that result in the organic growth of an entity, Fiverr has also placed some rules regarding underhand dealings. One such ethical limitation is not to ask buyers for 5-star ratings or glowing reviews about the completed services that you may have offered. The ratings are one of the surest ways of making to the top of the Fiverr algorithms, hence Fiverr doesn’t tolerate any manipulations in this regard.  

Fiverr takes a considerable cut of up to 20% for you to sell your services on the platform. These service charges are somewhat justified as it connects you to prospective buyers. It is for this reason that your message inbox must not indicate any idea about accepting payments outside of the platform. Fiverr, again in this regard, is quite strict and won’t tolerate users subverting their platform to obtain payments.  

The fault in your Gigs 

The Gigs ecosystem is an excellent innovation from Fiverr, which it protects at all costs. Any misuse of the Gigs is also seen as a red flag by the platform moderators and will for sure land you in hot waters. One of the ways you could land in trouble is by copying word for word other users’ Gig descriptions. Copying is seen as a violation of other users’ creative ideas as well as trying to subvert the Fiverr algorithms. Hence this violation will lead to a straight suspension or even ban of the account.  

The Gig gallery allows you to showcase your skills to the world and especially buyers looking to hire quality services at affordable prices. Once again, Fiverr asks you to maintain a code of ethics while uploading any content to your Gig gallery. Not only does lying and claiming someone else’s work is unethical, but it will lead to a quick suspension or a simple ban. Using copyrighted images and low-quality images will lead to a suspension. Also, irrelevant material may get you a warning.  

Exchanging favors 

As mentioned above, one of the reasons Fiverr is stringent on the reviews policy is due to the ratings it affords the sellers. These ratings determine the volume of work that such sellers can take upon and their visibility amongst the buyers. Hence it is imperative that the reviews are legitimate and not coerced or manipulated.  

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One such manipulation occurs when sellers ask their friends to leave reviews or asking them to add their Gigs to their favorite Gigs. Fiverr will see any manipulation by a seller as breaking their rules. Thus it will lead to a ban, and it also includes fake reviews, which it considers even higher wrongdoing. Such an action will get your account banned in no time.  

Buyer requests are for buyers only 

Newbies on Fiverr find it particularly difficult to land their first clients. It is true due to the intense competition the place offers on top of the advantages that established sellers have. One such competition is the ratings that land them on the first few pages of any buyer searches. In their desperation, new sellers on the platform may resort to untraditional avenues to get projects.  

One such avenue is the buyer requests functionality, which is limited for buyers looking for certain work to be done. Sellers who try to sell their services on buyer requests may find themselves getting banned from the website and rightly so. It would help if you thought of buyer requests only as job opening and bid them on with your best work and make a good impression on the buyers. 

Now that we have prepared you how to avoid the pitfalls of getting banned or suspended from the platform let’s see if we can do something about that disabled account.  

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A case of misplaced deactivation 

The Fiverr platform may have your account suspended for several reasons, as mentioned above. If you can avoid these activities, you may have nothing to worry about; however, you can still land in trouble. It may be due to a glitch or someone reporting your account to the Fiverr customer support. 

If this suspension wrongs you, you should contact the Fiverr customer support and give them all the required documents that prove your innocence. On most of the occasions, the email notifying you of the suspension will come with reasoning for such suspension. If the reasoning doesn’t fall under the dubious activities that violate Fiverr’s terms and conditions, then you can argue against the verdict.  

Moreover, even if the reasoning was justified, you can give proof that there wasn’t any misdoing. Proving a misdeed will only be possible if you did abide by the rules and regulations. The proofs can include transactions, messages, and screenshots of other communication with buyers that can get you free from the suspension.  

Create a new account 

The Fiverr customer support can be painfully slow, and to avoid the prolonged delays to getting your account back, you should look towards creating a new account. Getting your old account back is a difficult thing because if Fiverr deactivated due to a presumed violation, you can not reactivate the account. Sure, you may have some proof on some occasions, but it will be more likely that the deactivation is upheld.  

For example, having multiple accounts from a single PC may suggest that you’re subverting Fiverr terms and conditions; meanwhile, you’re only using in tandem with your sibling. In this regard, the Fiverr support may allow you to reuse the account, but it’s not a given. Hence it is important for you to move forwards and create a new account. Here are some of the things you can do to make a new account without it getting banned again: 

  • Make sure you use a new PC to register your new account. This is very important as it will avoid you logging on with the new account with the same IP address. Fiverr cookies are long-term and take some time to expire.  
  • If you cannot afford to buy a new system or replace it, you should delete all the cookies and internet settings. It will also help if you use a different browser to log in to the new account.  
  • Also, do not use the same payment method or PayPal email again for the new account.  
  • Personal info, such as email address and contact info, should also not match of the banned account.  


Fiverr has become the livelihood of many people in the tech-oriented world of ours. These avenues of financial stability must continue to provide for such users. To avoid any unwanted repercussions, users should read the terms and conditions of Fiverr carefully so that they can continue to make a living. 


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