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The contemporary world has shifted from the traditional office place to a more flexible form of workplace. These workplaces can be anywhere, from a coffee shop to your living room, your bedroom to the school library; any place with a decent internet connection has become an earning place. Amidst this frenzy, freelancing has taken the world by storm, and one of the most prominent websites to find freelancing work is Fiverr. Today we will be talking about freelancing sites similar to Fiverr.

Fiverr may not be the most intuitive platform or even the best freelancing website to find work as there are several freelancing platforms like Fiverr, but this platform holds some unique qualities. For example, freelancing started as a premium workplace where often you would see extravagant bids on any quantum of work. Fiverr came as an escape from such practices offering services at affordable rates. You can get many fiverr gig ideas to start selling.

Fiverr rose to prominence due to its ‘five-dollar-rule.’ Services such as graphic designing and content writing began to be offered at low rates. It didn’t mean, however, that services were of low-quality, the packaging of the services was such as to accommodate maximum clients. The freelance marketplace has grown exponentially over the last decade. It has sprung up many freelancing platforms like Fiverr, which may be better suited to your niche of work.  

To get you acquainted with some of the best freelancing sites alternatives to Fiverr, we have picked the top ten sites to make money, with their salient features, and to which niche they are preferable. 


Amalgamated from two pioneers of freelancing, Odesk, and Elance, the site has become somewhat of a phenomenon in the freelance marketplace. Since the rebranding of the website in 2015, it has grown and become the most favoured freelancing websites to find work. 

Based on a simple principle where employers post jobs and projects, and the freelance community is open to bid on such projects. There are, however, some caveats to this simplicity as Upwork has some stringent security checks and verification processes in place for a more authentic process. 

Upwork has many categories for freelancers to try their luck. The marketplace, however, has become saturated in the content writing niche as it no longer accepts new users with this expertise. There are plenty of new categories such as UX/UI and mobile app development that will excite such professionals.  

Upwork is an excellent Fiverr competitor as it has greater reach, a simple bidding process, and stringent security to avoid scams. It, however, has limited free bids, which may deter some users.  


Another great website that acts as the perfect alternative to Fiverr is, which helps connect freelancers to potential clients. It is more of the same but offers a lot of categories for potential freelancers to ply their trade. 

An array of services offered and an active marketplace which averages millions of user monthly is sure to attract freelancers. The sheer volume of projects in diverse niches is a testament to the site’s popularity and usability.  

Users should remain cautious, however, if they do not intend to use the website in the long haul. It is due to several reasons, primarily due to the website’s uncanny ability to extract fees and peddle premium services to freelancers.  

All in all, the website is a sure way of getting projects, especially for beginners. It, therefore, can be a bit frustrating for the veterans of their fields as they will face stiff competition from people who bid low.

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Guru ranks in the top sites like Fiverr to make money and is a great way to expand your reach in the freelance marketplace. Guru offers an easy way to find suitable job postings for your niche as you don’t even need to register for viewing such projects.  

Guru is a very excellent platform for users with a small footprint, namely startups and small businesses looking to stand on their feet. It is due to this reason that large organizations may find it a hassle to use the platform to hire freelancers and post projects.  

Similar to other alternatives, Guru also offers plenty of categories for freelancers. It includes writing services, copywriting, translation, programming and coding, website development, and so on. All these categories offer plenty of work to freelancers.  

The website also has an app for convenient monitoring of projects you have bid on as well as any messages received from prospective clients.  


PeoplePerHour, as the name suggests, offers freelance projects on an hourly basis. Freelancers have to express their bids in the form of hourly rates. Sometimes, this can be an excellent thing for big projects which can then manage on a milestone or an hourly basis.  

PeoplePerHour can be thought of as another best Fiverr alternative amongst the great variety of options. It is because the platform offers affordable rates to clients, just like Fiverr provides. However, unlike Fiverr, PeoplePerHour has a stringent system to check the skills of freelancers using its services.  

The website allows you to manage multiple projects at the same time. It is done through the simple dashboard, which lets you juggle between different projects, thereby making its management a hassle-free experience.  


SolidGigs is another best Fiverr competitor, but there’s a catch, it has a monthly subscription fee. Now you may be put off by this monthly fee, but the services that the website offers may lure you towards itself.  

SolidGigs has a unique position in the freelance marketplace, for it does the work of searching for relevant gigs by itself. It will do this at a cost, but this feature can be highly useful for users who are tired of scouring the internet for suitable projects for their expertise.  

The handpicked projects by a dedicated team will come to your doorstep or the email list in this case weekly. The best thing about these jobs and projects is that they are curated by freelancers who excel in their fields.  

An added advantage of the website is the tremendous amount of resources available at your command, including video tutorials to enhance your skills. Furthermore, the resources include templates, email templates, and much more for excellent user experience.  


Another website that promises to be one of the best Fiverr alternatives but isn’t similar to it in working is FreeUp. The significant difference between the two websites is the initial screening process or the vetting of freelancers to be allowed on the platform. 

The pre-vetting of freelancers is an important task which the website takes seriously. It allows freelancers to opt for any of the three groups based on the level of expertise they possess in their respective categories.  

Once this background is checked, and they’re deemed suitable for the selected level, the freelancers can connect to the clients directly. The website also allows greater interaction between the clients and the prospective job-seekers, a feat that is rare on other platforms like Fiverr. 

The platform is free to use and make an account, and the freelancers get paid weekly. Despite the positive reviews, the platform is best suited to agency hirings.  


If you’re a beginner or just starting on the freelance stage, this is one website you may ignore. It is due to the immense scrutiny that deems suitable for offering your services at this platform that makes it one of the best freelancing platforms.  

The website boasts that it contains the cream of the freelancing world, with the top 3 percent of the freelancers in each category making the cut. The rigorous process includes screening tests as well as video interviews and personality tests to gauge your proficiency for a specific field.  

The website is anything but Fiverr, which features a lax entry point to offering your services and the lowest rates. The website, however, promises top-caliber clients who are sure to make you a promising return on this investment. The platform offers premium services at a premium price.  


Perhaps the closest you can get to Fiverr or its underlying model is Gigbucks. It is because the website uses the gig model to simplify the process greatly by allowing you to posts as many gigs as you want. The primary working is similar to Fiverr as it caters to low-cost jobs in the range of 5 to 50 dollars.  

It also features a review system similar to Fiverr as well as the levels for each freelancer. Ascending each level leads to certain perks, such as withdrawing money without the 14-day limit. Moreover, the platform allows maximum payments up to 50 dollars.  

The gig posting may be free, and you can post as many as you want, posting similar gigs again and again will cost you your account. Hence a balanced approach should be taken. The platform’s customer support system is one of the best in the business. 


One of the freelancing platforms that serve a single niche is the 99designs website. Its sole focus is on the design industry and thereby creating a vast community of designers who are at your service. The website may not guarantee the lowest pricing, such as Fiverr, but it for sure, offers the highest quality.  

The vetting of the designers further enhances the quality of the platform through a rigorous process. The platform is hand to help mediate during projects and resolve any issues during the completion of projects.  

Designing is an artistic field and hence requires imagination and innovation. Connecting clients with the best designers can be a challenge, but the website lives to its billing. Clients can start a design contest and select the best out of everyone or view individual profiles and select the most suitable candidate.  


Last on the list is another freelancing platform like Fiverr that focuses on a single niche. Here the niche can be said to be academic work or, more precisely, researchers and scientists. The freelancers on the website happen to be qualified researchers, scientists, well-known for their works in the field. 

The main working of the website is simple enough with a similar concept of bidding projects like other major freelancing platforms. Employers post jobs on the site where academic bid competitively and get hired.  

It is a unique opportunity for research-oriented companies to hire people with such unique skills without needing to hire permanently. Most academic positions are full time; hence this is a welcome change for both employers and the academics looking to make extra dollars on the side.  


Fiverr is a rising giant in the freelance marketplace. As it gains popularity, it may also become inaccessible to some freelancers. It happened with Upwork, which became a household name due to immense demand. Subsequently, the platform was saturated by writing freelancers looking for work. 

Similarly, Fiverr can be a great source of income, but it is important to diversify your endeavors. As soon as you do it, you will have a greater probability of landing top clients at the rate suitable to you. For this reason, we have listed the ten best freelancing platforms similar to Fiverr but different in some aspects, so that you can earn the way you want.  


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