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Fiverr, a freelancing platform established in 2010, just a decade ago, has risen to phenomenal success. It had all the trappings of a successful venture since the beginning, as it closely raised seed money for the site. In just four years, it had seed money of 50 million dollars, enough to leapfrog it amongst successful freelancing platforms. With increasing users it’s becoming tough to rank gigs on fiverr but there are some techniques which you can use to optimize your gig ranking and seo. Fiverr search algorithm is very efficient and it improves ranking of gigs using various ranking factors.  

The platform is a two-way street where buyers and sellers come and ply their trade. Amongst these trades include freelancing favorites such as copywriting, website content management, and graphic designing, among others. What started as a website that offers the lowest bid prices, starting at five dollars, has risen to become an elite website.  

Users reportedly earn a thousand dollars per month selling their services on the platform. The website is amongst the top 100 websites in terms of visitors, which is a great feat in today’s competitive online world. Fiverr introduced a gig mechanism where sellers sell their services by creating a one-pager regarding their services.  

What is a Gig? 

A gig represents a sales pitch or a description of the services you’re offering. Instead of listing what you can generally do, you make a gig that conforms to a specific niche, for example, website content writing. You can sell your skills by posting how many words you can write in the base bid price of 5$ and may suggest further rates in your Gig as well.  

Fiverr, in 2013 gave in to the five-dollar limitation on the base bid. Most freelancers, especially in the graphic design community, argued that they had to short-sell their skills to meet this requirement. However, this base bid price remains an excellent reason why buyers get lured to the website in the hope of fulfilling their projects on a budget.  

Fiverr is the search engine for Gigs 

When we talk about ranking and optimisation to get your content on the first few pages of a search engine, we naturally think of Google. Google has been the leading algorithm developer when it comes to search and has even a whole field of study based on itself; Search engine optimisation.  

Google provides curated results, and similarly, Fiverr provides gigs based on some formula. This formula is unknown, and hence we can only speculate how gigs are ranked on the platform, but just like Google, there are similarities to how you can push your gigs to the top of the pile.  

Here, we shall discuss some of the tips and tricks to rank gigs on Fiverr as well as gig optimization & techniques to make your Gig the frontpage gig.  

Complete your first order quickly 

The key to ranking your Gig among the first few pages of the required search term is to get an order as soon as possible. This way, you can make an excellent headstart and will have a finished project against your name. Getting the first project can be a daunting task on a platform such as Fiverr, as it is incredibly competitive. The sheer number of sellers and the rates they sell their services at makes it one of the toughest sites to start your freelancing career.  

Freelancing Websites Like Fiverr

Worry not, with the help of these tips, you’ll be able to rank gigs on the first page on Fiverr in no time and maximize Fiverr gig sales. Your gigs are classified according to the reviews and number of jobs you’ve completed. It is highly recommended that you try to get that first order in quickly so that you have a project completed against your profile. It will be the kickstart you need as well as getting your Gig ranked amongst the first few pages. 

Get the first order by hook or crook 

Stressing this is not enough, as it is the most critical element of any ranking. It is also the reason why beginners find it difficult to get projects on Fiverr. Getting a review for your work may seem daunting, but it is possible. A natural thing to do here would be to ask your friend to buy your Gig and leave a review. Doing this may open you up for some trouble related to the website’s terms and conditions, but if everything fails, this may get you through the first hurdle.  

A more plausible way to accomplish the first order is to offer your services to local clients or someone who you have worked for. They could be anyone, but you have to make sure they buy your services through the Fiverr platform. Finding this may be hard, but it is the best way to make sure you get that coveted first order quickly. Moreover, you can also offer discounts to clients who may be more amenable to buy services at this discounted rate.  

Thinking along the AI lines 

Just like Google, the Fiverr search engine also has an algorithm that ranks you Gigs. To rank gigs on Fiverr, on the very first page, you must think like an AI or, more precisely, how the algorithm works. You can easily decode the formula if you know what you’re looking for. As mentioned above, the completion of jobs is the most critical factor in improving Gig’s reach.  

There are, however, other things at play, and they relate to SEO or search engine optimization. We will discuss how to keep tabs on the SEO tips for Fiverr gigs in terms of ranking gigs on the first page in the next section. For now, you must be aware of the individual components that help you improve gig visibility. It includes meta descriptions, including keywords in gig titles, number of reviews regarding work you’ve completed, and the description of your Gig.  

SEO tips for Fiverr gigs 

Managing your gigs description in a way to tune them according to the algorithm’s demand has become a full-fledged field of study. There are several SEO tips for Fiverr gigs and ranking tools to perform an in-depth analysis of your Gig and to let it shine, among others.  

  • The most relevant part of your Gig description to the search engine is the title. Make sure you use the correct keywords in your title.  
  • Research your keywords. You can use tools, or you can browse the different categories on the Fiverr homepage as a buyer. Here you can enter the words related to your niche, for example, content writing.  
  • Next, you will see suggestions appearing under your search query. These are the suggested keywords for the niche you have selected.
  • Use a combination of these keywords in your title, such as ‘I will write catchy content for your website.’ Here content writer and website can be two keywords that are used in the title, thereby helping your Gig to improve its ranking.  
  • Next comes the tags that Fiverr lets you add to your Gig description. Those tags relate to keywords that buyers search for, and hence you must select the most appropriate for your Gig description.  
  • To select the best tags, you must use the search bar as well as to conduct thorough research of the top-ranked Gigs and what tags they have used. You don’t need to copy them word for word, but it will give you a fair idea of what to include in your Gig tags.  
  • Lastly, the Gig description should be well-written and concise. It should contain all the relevant points and should describe the Gig in an easy to read manner. Moreover, here is the perfect opportunity to use keywords again that you’ve researched before. Make sure you don’t overdo the keywords, as it won’t present a good description.  
  • The title of your Gig holds immense value as it also becomes the URL that your Gig pertains to. Hence, what you write in the title inevitably finds its place in the URL and thus improve Gig’s searchability.  

Using the Fiverr app 

Response time is one of the parameters mentioned next to your profile; hence it is one of the first things any prospective buyer will see. Thus it is essential to improve this criterion and be responsive, how to do it? You may ask. First of all, make sure you have a working internet connection so that you don’t miss any communication requests from buyers and respond quickly. Using the app which is available both for android and iOs will be a boost to your response times.  

Fiverr Gig Ideas To Start Selling

Increase your average selling rate  

The average selling rate relates to the jobs you have completed and the average rate at which you completed them. For example, if you have completed more jobs at the price of 5-10 dollars, your average selling rate will lie somewhere in between the two figures. At the start of your freelance career, you may have no choice but to complete low paying jobs.  

Make sure once you get steady clients, you can increase the average selling rate by doing more pricey projects. A simple way to increase your average selling rate is to offer clients the option to pay you for bulk work; let’s say nothing less than 50 or 100 dollars. This way, your average job would be 50 dollars, and your average selling rate will rise automatically.  

Share your Gigs on social media 

The world around us is a tech-savvy one, but more importantly, it is heavily reliant on the power of social media. The reach of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter has grown exponentially; hence you must tap into this vast marketing potential as well.  

Any Fiverr gig marketing guide will point you in the direction of social media and the wonders it can play for your Gig to stand out. More importantly, these platforms contain local clients who will be more than willing to buy services at a discounted price, as mentioned above.  

Multiple Gig creation in the same niche 

It may come as a surprise, but Fiverr doesn’t limit the number of Gigs you can make in the same niche. However, it does advise against gig duplication. Avoiding gig duplication is easy when you construct gigs with great specificity. This extra level of detail will let you avoid the hurdles of your Gig going unapproved.  

An example of this ploy when making gigs related to writing, would be to change the niche of the website content writing. In layman terms, you can make gigs for writing content based on travel, home, and lifestyle, and sports, just to name a few. These separate gigs will help you rank better in the search settings. 

Final thoughts  

Fiverr is an excellent platform for freelancers looking to hop on the freelancing ideals. It will, however, test your patience as you need completed projects to stand out in front of prospective buyers. To leap from a complete novice to a regular monthly earner, you need to follow the Fiverr gig marketing guide above.   

To rank gigs on Fiverr, you must exhibit patience and due diligence. Make your gigs presentable and follow the best practices that successful freelancers on the platform perform. The Gig optimisations and techniques mentioned in this article are an excellent way to achieve high rankings.  


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