How To Fix Pubg Mobile Lag On Tencet Emulator

How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile | Easy Steps

Tencet gaming buddy is an android emulator used to play pubg mobile on your personal computer or laptop.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version is a beta version and is in testing phases. Because of this many players experience pubg mobile lag.Some also face sudden fps (frames per second) drops.

Most of the tencet gaming buddy pubg mobile players do not have a high end pc therefore they face lag.For instance their pc is not compatible.Most importantly, to run the game you must have a good graphics card. So to run pubg mobile smoothly on pc follow the instructions.

Meanwhile do not worry as this how-to tutorial is for those gamers who don’t have a good pc.Certainly there are some settings that you can customize in tencet gaming buddy.Using those settings in your pc will help in running pubg mobile smoothly.

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Firstly before, we jump into the tutorial and get rid of the lag and increase our fps. Let’s discuss some major reasons why your game lags?

Why Pubg Mobile Emulator Lags?

  • You don’t have a high end pc with good graphics card and RAM.
  • Your ping is too high.
  • You are not using your charger while playing game on laptop.Try plugging in your charger as your processor and other resources need power to work effectively.
  • You have other processes running in your computer which are taking resources.Try ending unnecessary processes and uninstalling programs that are no longer needed.Make sure you have a good amount of free disk space in C drive.
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Steps To Reduce Pubg Mobile Lag:

(Hate Reading? There is a video tutorial on “how to reduce pubg mobile lag” below the steps)

  • Open android emulator and go to settings and apply the following settings: (Note: If you have a good graphics card use OpenGL+. otherwise for fixing lag in pubg mobile Intel HD Graphics 3000,4000,4200,4400,620,520 use DirectX+/DirectX).

In Game Settings to Fix Tencet Emulator Lag:

  • Set the graphics to smooth.
  • Set frame rate to extreme or high.If your cpu heats up try lowering it for some time.
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing and “Automatically lower graphics” option.

Settings For Intel HD Graphics:

  • Open Intel HD Graphics and go to Power and set graphic power plans to Maximum Performance for both on battery and plugged in.
  • Next go to 3D and set general settings to Performance.Turn off conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing.Enable Application Optimal mode and set Anti-Aliasing to use Application Settings.
  • Make sure your Intel HD graphics is up-to-date.

Increase Paging File Size (Virtual Memory)

Go to your system properties < Advance System Settings < Performance Settings. Then < Advanced < Virtual Memory < Change.

Unselect “Automatically manage paging fill size for all drives”.Select your C drive and give it a custom size of 8000MB initial & maximum (8GB).Note if you have issues of low space in C drive try giving it a little low like 4GB.Set it and reboot your pc for the settings to take affect.

Still Experiencing Lag?

Try installing Phoenix OS for pubg mobile.Phoenix OS is fast and reduces choppy gameplay in pubg mobile.It boots itself and directly accesses resources without any contact with window.If you want a tutorial on how to install phoenix os for pubg mobile please comment down below.
Try increasing dedicated gpu memory through BIOS.

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