Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks around and is introducing new features day by day to grab the attention of users and make theme feel easy to browse.Facebook album is one of the best features facebook introduced.People now create different albums for different category of photos.This feature makes easier for people to view photos they are looking for.”Downloading facebook albums” is one of the difficulty because fb does not have any option to download entire album.You have to view photo one by one and then save them.This results a headache if an album has lot of photos.

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Yesterday my friend was facing problem when he was backing up his all photos on FB and it was taking too long to download all his pictures so today I found a solution for it and thought to share it with you guys as it is helpful.Now lets come to the tutorial and learn how can we download entire fb album with one click?

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Downloading Facebook Abums Step By Step Guide:

Using this tutorial you can download your album pics as well as any other profile’s album.First of all you need an extension named as ”Download FB Album Mod

  • Install Extension ”Download FB Album Mod” from your browsers store.install-extension-fb-album
  • After installing this extension its icon will not appear with other extensions but it will be shown in URL bar while browsing facebook like this:browsing-fb-albums-icon
  • Now open any facebook album you wish to download easily and then click on extension icon and options will appear.Now click/choose ”Normal”Download-fb-album
  • Now a new tab will open in which all photos of that album will be shown:facebook-pictures-download-album
  • Now press CTRL+S key to save all photos of this album and a new window will open to choose destination of these photos.When downloading it will be an HTML file but when downloaded there will be two files one folder of pictures and other HTML webpage.You just need folder.6
  • After file is downloaded open destination which you selected for album to be saved.Now open folder of your album.8
  • After opening you will see all photos of album.Enjoy!9

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Video Tutorial Urdu/Hindi:

I hope you would have liked the tutorial.Dont forget to share this tut to help us grow.Also share your thoughts about today’s hunt!



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