Hey Folks today in this tutorial I will guide you how you can easily type any language on your computer easily.As you know that by default settings you can only type English language on your computer but most of people wish to write other languages.You might have seen people typing Urdu or Hindi on facebook posts & comments.This is all because they are having a tool installed on their computer known as ”Google Input Tools” Its a very popular tools used by many people.Using this tutorial you will be able to type any language in wordpad,notepad or any other software.You will also be able to comment & post in any language you want on Facebook and other sites too.

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Now the thing that worries you is that your keyboard has only english alphabet keys.But dont worry I have found a solution for it too.You can download PDF document for keys by clicking download button below.Urdu keyboard is also in the file below.If you want to type Urdu and  English only then use download button and watch tutorial otherwise only watch the tutorial for any other languages like Hindi etc.
Download File

Type Urdu Computer

Now after downloading the file from upper given link Please watch this tutorial in Urdu & Hindi.I hope that you enjoy the tutorial.

Video Tutorial For Typing Any Language On Your Computer.

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Final Words:

Thanks for watching this video tutorial.I hope that you like it.Dont forget to share this post and view more tutorials.If you are having any questions related to this tutorial feel free to ask.I am always here to help you guys.Also like our Facebook page to stay updated with us.Thanks!



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