Hey! Folks today in this urdu & hindi video tut I will tell you how you can shift your blog from Blogger to WordPress easily without losing data.As you know WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms and almost all bloggers wish to move their webs from Blogger to WordPress because it is a self hosted platform and the most important thing is that its SEO friendly.WordPress is far better than Blogger.
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Most of beginners hesitate from shifting their blogs because they think its not an easy process,so for those newbies today I have made these video tutorials which will definitely help you in moving your blogs.Some are also worried about Web Hostings because they are not cheap and have difficulty in choosing the best hosting which suits their plans.I recommend you to choose Global Hosting Service because its cheap & reliable.I am also using it for some of my blogs and the most important thing is that its on Top In Our List Of Top 5 Web Hosting Companies In Pakistan. I have explained each and everything in these tutorials and I have also shifted one Blog in this video tutorial to guide you people properly.So now watch below video tutorials:blogger-to-wordpress-transfer2

How To Install WordPress? & Things To Do Before Moving To WordPress

How To Shift From Blogger To WordPress (Complete) ?

Summary Of Tutorial:
First of all to shift from Blogger to WP we need a web hosting & domain.You will be having domain already if not,then buy it with hosting.If having then change its Name Servers in order to attach with hosting.You can get hosting name servers from account details and then remove previous ones from domain and add these four.(If have problem contact hosting provider) Now after changing name servers it can take upto 24 hours for changes to take effect (Its called DNS Propagation) After DNS propagates you can easily install wordpress and then go to tools < import < blogger < Install Blogger Importer< Authorize < Allow access.When you will follow this steps a list of your all blogger blogs will come from which you will have to choose the blog you wanna shift and then click on Import button.Within a few minutes all your data (posts,labels,permalinks,images,comments) will be imported to your new wp blog.Congrats, Now you have successfully shifted from blogger to wordpress! Now all you have to do is customize your wordpress blog and check for mistakes if any.Dont forget to install some important plugins like SEO By Yoast,Google XML Sitemaps etc.Update sitemap from webmaster tools and Enjoy!

Final Words:

I tried my best to help you to shift your blogger blog to wordpress using tutorials + written guide and now is your turn to show your support by sharing this post commenting about your experience.If you are facing any problem related to this tutorial please feel free to comment.I am always here to help you.


  1. Hi Haroon,

    There are many bloggers are seeking for the information as how can they move from Blogger to WordPress.

    This tutorial will them a lot.

    Many bloggers are curious to use the benefits of WordPress with its thousands of plugin.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.:)


  2. hello! I was known that you will share this tutorial. Thanks! now i am going to shift one of my blog to wordpress…………………………………

  3. Asalamualikum… Bro!
    I’ve recently buy 2 domains. First domain I’m already using in Hostgator with WordPress software. But the second domain I want to use in blogger platform?
    I’m using domains from namesilo. com… and really don’t know how to use DNS in namsilo.
    Can you please guide me?


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