Undoubtedly blogging is one of the best profession among all professions available Online. Except blogging, there are other work opportunities for those who want to earn Online, these opportunities include content writing, How To Make Money With Fiverr? Urdu/Hindi, selling products on others’ behalf (Earning from referrals) and more; but the ultimate way to earn higher profits is blogging.  

Ifyou’ve good knowledge about something and you think that this knowledge can be helpful for people searching Online about it, then you can share it via blogging. It’s not difficult to create a blog these days, as I would recommend you a WordPress platform instead of blogger.

Immediately after creating a blog, the first thing that clicks in our mind is what should be my niche? Of course you would probably write about stuff at which you’ve good grip, but what if you’ve plenty of knowledge and can write about more than one niche? Just because of this chaos shaking your mind I’m going to provide a detailed article about some best blogging niches in 2014 that will pull money for you.
So let’s start here:

Unique Service/Product

The easiest way to earn money with just one time hard work is a unique product or service that only needs to be useful for users and you’ll rock. Usually pro developers create their own service or product that is different and embeds characteristics like usefulness and are easy to use. For example, here on SMSPUNCH’s website you can find a free SMS service by which you can send free SMS to any mobile network available in Pakistan; they are just providing a unique service and they have been rocking since 2008. Don’t worry if you don’t have development skills, just generate an idea and ask any developer to create a unique service that fulfils the need of your unique idea and you’re done.


I just love this Technology niche personally, because it’s full of innovation and it’s easy to generate content in this futuristic niche. Newer builds of old gadgets and newly introduced gadgets create opportunity for bloggers to share stuff on their blogs regarding that new release. Moreover, IT giants including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and more are the best way to generate content because they reveal products and news on daily basis, you’re just required to grab that new release at a first glance.

Health & Fitness

If you want Google Adsense to pay you more than other niches, then health and fitness niche is one of the best among all. You must have proper and authentic information about your topic, because just like health blog’s profitability, its content is critical for serious readers. Of course if you’re writing low quality blog posts on health and generating traffic from off-page SEO then your blog is going to be trashed by panda or penguin soon. This type of niche is best for those who have excellent knowledge about medical field and also fitness trainers can run a perfect blog on this niche.


Entertainment blog with eye-catching content can grab handsome amount of visitors but when it comes to Adsense’s click rate then it’s low usually (Not in all cases). If your target audience is from countries including USA, UK and Canada then obviously your entertainment blog will get good click rates, because traffic from these regions worth more than others. Good thing about entertainment blog is that you can generate content easily from books, Google and other sources, with proper sources mentioned in your blog posts.


News’ blogs are the most rapidly updating blogs over internet, it’s a generic niche, and you can choose a sub-niche like news about politics, sports and others. The plinth of success of news’ blogs is the provision of information in a rapid and reliable manner. Mentioning sources of news is the most important factor in news caster blogs because without proper source link, nobody would trust on your published news. A committed team work is needed to run news blogs because you’ve to update your blog all the time with latest news.

Blogging World doesn’t end upon these five blogging niches, there is a vast list of blogging niches and I’ll share that with you in future.

About The Author:

Hammad Rafique is a professional blogger & SEO Expert.He loves teaching newbies by his articles.He is currently working as a SEO Consultant in a Software Company. Catch him on Google+


  1. Hi Ashraf,

    You have gathered some great topic for blogging.:)

    In the starting of blogging beginners face many problems while choosing their niche. Having a website like Flipcart and all is great which can provide people the products of their choice.

    Setting up the website related to fitness tips is also great as now a days people are crazy about fitness and want to know more about it.

    Great post.:)

    Have a wonderful weekend.:)



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