Hey! Folks today I will teach you how you can create a .blogspot blog on blogger and then customize it? Many people wish to create their own blogs when they see other people having their blogs related to gaming,softwares etc.Blogspot blogs are completely free and are easy to create.Now almost every person is having his own blogs where he writes what he loves.You can also earn money on your blog by monetizing the content you create by ads.Many people messaged me on my Facebook page that they want to learn about blogging and earn money through it.So for those people I have made these tutorials about How to create and customize a blog on Blogger?  

Few Words About Blogging:

Blogging is a test of patience so you should not lose patience while blogging because it is a slow process but at the end you will be happy.Almost every person nowadays is making money by blogging.Below are the some steps you have to follow to become a money blogger.
  • Create a blog
  • Customize it
  • Create unique content
  • Do Search Engine Optimization
  • Drive Traffic
  • Publish advertisements
  • Earn Money

Now lets start with blogging and let me tell you how you can create a blog on blogger? Just watch the video tutorials below and learn blogger complete in Urdu & Hindi.

Chapter #1:

In this chapter we will learn how to create a blog on blogger and then  I will guide you all functions of Blogger.I will also tell you how to create a post and then make it look attractive.
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Chapter #2:

In this chapter we will discuss about Blogger templates and we will also learn how to upload a template in Blogger.
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Chapter #3:

In this chapter we will discuss how to customize layout of our blog and add widgets in sidebar.I will also tell you a few about HTML & IFRAME.We will manually add a facebook like box gadget in blogger using Iframe.

Chapter #4:

This will be out last Chapter about blogger and in this I will tell you how to customize blogger blog menu bar and will tell you about settings of blogger.
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Final Words:

So friends these were tutorials of blogger and I tried my best to explain you guys each and everything of blogger.I hope that you would have liked these tutorials.If you want me to develop & design your blog you can hire me and contact me via my Facebook page Please do not forget to share these video tutorials so that everyone could get help from this course.I will be eagerly waiting for your response about this course.Take care!


  1. Hello Haroon, i was applying some technique you shown here on blogger. The facebook float share button from all bloggertricks has a problem while sharing, actually it doesnt show the my blogger site or the name or the logo in the facebook share box option when it pops up, it shows just blogger with no logo. your site doesnt support screenshot otherwise i would post sample. If you can check whether it require to add blogger url in the html or something else. Appreciate your effort.

    Awaiting reply.

    • There might be a problem with that widget or you have done some mistake.Well, I recommend you to use some other widget.Just simply go to Google and type ”social sharing buttons for blogger”.You will find enough widgets,and if you wanna share a screenshot you can simply attach it with a message on my Facebook Page.If you are having any other question feel free to ask.Thanks

  2. Dear,
    in 1st blogger vedio you tell that we can not get Google adsense account on www——blogspotw-com, then we for which earning method can.


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