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Hello! Buddies today in this tutorial I will tell you how you can add all friends in your facebook group with a single click.People get tired when they add each of their friend manually because it takes a lot of time.For those people I have come up with a trick which you can use to add all your friends in your fb group with a single click.This trick works 100% and I have tested it.Actually this is a script which you have to use.Now by not wasting your time let me share this script first and then I will tell you how to use it to invite all your friends in any Facebook Group automatically.Download the script from below given download button.Dont worry its of 50Kb only. Also Read: How To Auto Post In All Facebook Groups At Once

                                 [sociallocker]Download Script[/sociallocker]

Now to use this script follow the below given steps.
  • Open any facebook group in which you want to add your friends in a new tab.
  • After opening the group go to Console tab.
  • Now copy the downloaded script completely using CTRL+A and paste it in Console box using CTRL+V 
  • After pasting the script press enter and wait for 15 seconds.A flash box will appear and Your friends will be automatically being added in your group.
  • After your all friends are added box will look like this.
  • Now see I used the script to add friends.I was having 466 friends and my 423 friends got added in that group.Now you will be thinking why 42 friends are not added.So my answer is that they were already in that group.
  • Now refresh the page and see the magic.Congratulations you have successfully added your all friends in your Facebook group.

Dont Be Selfish!

I tried my best to explain you how to add your friends in your facebook group at once and now is your turn.Please dont be selfish and share this tutorial with you friends.If you are having any problem feel free to ask.Dont forget to share your experience about this tutorial.I will be eagerly waiting for your response.



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