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Hey! Folks,today I will tell you how you can create an effective profile on Fiverr? As you know Fiverr is the best place to buy and sell things only for $5.Fiverr is a market place where people complete tasks known as ‘Gigs’ for $5.Millions of people from worldwide are using it and earning huge income daily by completing tasks for buyers.Every task completed on Fiverr rewards $5 from which $1 is deducted by Fiverr.There are different categories of Gigs in it.Now the main thing is to sell your Gigs.People think that its easy they will once create a Gig and will get orders the next day,but this isn’t true.You have to work hard in every field to make money but once your business on Fiverr gets started.You dont need to panic any more.You will grow up day by day.When I started working on it I also faced many problems I was not getting orders at all and I was very sad.After two weeks on Fiverr I got my first order and I was quite happy with that.One of my friend gave me tips to make an effective profile on fiverr which worked like a charm! And today I am gonna share with you so that you can also become a ”Top Rated Seller” quickly as I am today.Now the question which comes to our mind is how we can sell more? How we can drive traffic to our Gigs fast? 

Tips To Create An Effective Fiverr Profile: 

To sell your gigs quickly on Fiverr you need to create an effective profile which attracts buyers and they get forced to buy your services.This is not a magic but It works like a magic.

Name Of Person:

The main and the most important part of a profile is its name.You should always use your real name instead of other names.For example if you are a Seo Consultant so dont write your name as ”Seo Worker”, ”Seo Expert” nor your companies name.You should’nt write your name as given examples because most of scammers use these type of names so that they cannot be caught after scam.Buyers dont trust people with these type of names.You should use real name which looks professional like: ”James Cameron” 

Profile Picture:

Profile picture is the dynamic part of a profile and it should look attractive.You should use your own profile picture instead of any wallpaper or picture of a famous personality.If you dont wanna upload someone’s picture then grab unknown person’s photo.


As per my experience If you are a Pakistani Or Indian you should select ”United States” / ”United Kingdom” as your default country.One of my friend was a well experienced writer.I suggested him to join Fiverr because I thought he can get more work with this.When he started working he selected ”India” as his country but he did not get any orders and a month passed.He consulted me and I suggested him to use ”USA” as his country after he applied changes the next day he got two orders from 2 people to write an article on ”Android Phones” He was amazed with my changing.He asked me for the reason.I told him that people of USA have good writing skills and they can speak English well so being an article writer you should use USA country.Well this is my experience and I suggest you to try it.

Your Bio:

Bio of a person is the most valuable part of a profile.This describes how skilled the person is.You should always right a bio of yourself which describes you in short words.You should not write it as kids do: ”My name is Haroon.I am a blogger and my age is 16” Kids do like that and you need to look like a professional.Here is an example of attractive bio: ”I am a type 1 diabetic, vegan, and full-time college student. Currently, I study English literature and creative writing (plus some history and science!) in Maine. I am proficient in (all sorts of) writing and editing”   

Your Turn:

Well now comes your turn to share your experiences on Fiverr.Have more killer tips? We will love to update this post.We are eagerly waiting for your response on this post.Dont forget to share it!


    • Bro there is an option move your mouse cursor to profile but dont press click button at the right upper corner and you will see an option of ”Settings” click on it then at the left you will see ”Account Settings” and ”Change Password” option for changing your name go to ”Account Settings” and for changing password go to ”Change Password”

  1. Please how do I get to the country. I just joined and I have been searching for it to choose my country but I haven’t seen it since


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