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Finding cheapest and reliable domain name registration websites on internet is really a headache for newbies.If you are newbie in blogging the first thing you will hunt is a top level domain (TLD) Most of beginners search on internet about ”affordable domain name registration companies” and every time they catch a new site.Some are selling domains for $9 and some are selling only for $4.Many people ask me what is difference between a $4 domain and a $9 domain ? So my answer is $9 domain is with Whois Protection while a $4 domain is without Whois Protection.Now you guys will ask what is Whois Protection? So let me answer this question too: Whois Protection helps to shield domain name registrant information from public viewing to avoid unethical spammer.It helps to protect your information from hackers and spammers.Now let me come to our today’s topic ” Top 5 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars ” I recently made a pole on cheapest domain name registration sites in some Facebook groups where all expertise voted and I thank them all for their votes.So now let me list five 5 best domain name registration companies from where you should register your domain from.

Top 5 Affordable & Reliable Domain Name Registrars:

1-Name Cheap:

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Namecheap is one of the top 5 domain name registrars As their name implies, they’re some of the most affordable in the business, but domain names are the only thing cheap about them.They offer stellar customer support free service like domain name forwarding and if you are having financial problems you can enjoy some advanced services like DNS and SSL certificates at bargain prices.You can get all information about Namecheap including plans & pricing from their site.


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I dont think that this site needs any description because almost every newbie knows about it.GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar and Web Hosting provider,hosting more than 57 million domains worldwide and has more than 12 million customers.It has the award winning customer support team having 4000 employees which work 24/7.

3-Name: is also a good site for domain registration.Their plans and pricing are not cheapest as compared to other domain registration websites.When I made a pole for top domain name registrars they got votes from expertise rather than newbies.So I decided to mention it too in the list.They are popular but not as much as Name cheap.You can see detailed plans & pricing on their site.

4-Global Hosting Service: 

 Global Hosting Service is new but is rapidly attracting the attention of newbies and expertise especially from Pakistan and India.I am also using it.I have registered my domain from them and have not faced any problems.It is secured and has satisfied customers.It is having 24/7 support and I suggest you to buy your new domain from this site.You can get information about their plans and pricing by visiting their site.


Hover do not have the cheap registration prices, but they make up for it with abundant discount codes around the web, stellar customer support—support that when you call, a real person answers when it rings.If you’re going to Hover, they have a transfer “valet” service, where they’ll do all of the work for you and let you know when your problem or work is done. Their control panel and management tools are very easy to use. 



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