A.o.A! Friends,today in this video tutorial I will teach you how you can beautifully design HD urdu poetry using Adobe Photoshop.Almost all people like poetry and we see thousands of poetry photos designed elegantly on Facebook,twitter and on other social platforms.I myself also love poetry and I design it whenever I read a quote.I decided to make this video tutorial because one of my friend messaged me and asked me to tell him how I design Urdu poetry.The process for designing Urdu poetry is very simple and it takes only 6 minutes to design one poetry photo.You dont need any professional skills to design Urdu poetry.You can also design poetry using Corel Draw,but in this tutorial I have used Photoshop to guide you.I hope that you will like this video tutorial and you will share it with your friends.Now by not wasting your time lets start the video tutorial:

Required Programs:

You need following Softwares to design urdu poetry easily:
  • Urdu Inpage (any version)
  • Adobe Photoshop (any version) 

Above given Softwares are easily available and are free of cost!

Step By Step Guide:

  • Open Inpage to Urdu poetry in it and after that click on file and choose export!
  • A new tab will open click on Browse and save file where do you wanna save in EPS format.While saving in Browse you will be given two options in ”Save as type” You have to select the last on named ”PostScript Files”
  • Now work of Inpage is done.Open photoshop (any version)
  • Go to open and choose the file you made in Inpage and saved it.After selecting the file photoshop will show up some options.In resolution you will have to replace 60 by 300 because if you do it your poetry will be in HD!
  • Now a window will open in Photoshop showing the file.
  • Open any image in photoshop you want poetry to be designed on!
  • Now after opening you get two tabs one is of poetry and other is of image.
  • Now easily drag the post script file (poetry file) into image and poetry will be pasted on image.
  • You will see that poetry will be larger than image so select poetry from both sides and shorten it.
  • Now at left there will be styles option from which you can select color of poetry after customizing color save the image in JPEG or PNG file and your poetry in photoshop is designed beautifully!
  • Post it on social media and ROCK!

Having problems? Watch the video tutorial in Urdu/Hindi below.I have done all steps! These are some simple easy steps you can follow to design any kind of poetry Or English quotes.You can also write quotes on your pictures using these…! This process works 100% I will soon also share a tutorial to design poetry in Corel Draw too.You guys are beginners so Photoshop is good for you at this stage! 

Designing Urdu Poetry In Adobe Photoshop Urdu Tutorial:


Your Turn:

I tried my best to explain you each and everything about designing poetry in Adobe Photoshop and now is your turn please share this video tutorial and comment to support us.I am eagerly waiting for your response.Take care and Allah Hafiz!


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