A.o.A! Today in this tutorial I will tell you how you can write protect your USB Flash Drives,Hard Drives And Memory Cards using Passwords.Nowadays computer has become use of everyone.Data is the most important thing in a computer and when your USB drive or Hard drive get’s into your children hand’s then you may loose your important data.Data may get formatted or jumbled in folders.Many users face this problem and are tired of it.Today I will guide you how you can get rid of this headache.Write protection is the most important and only method to protect your data from getting deleted or being copied.If you use write protection method for protecting your data then anybody will not be able to harm your drive especially viruses.Viruses are harmful and you should be aware of them.Mostly viruses cannot be deleted and destroy your computer property.But if you use write protection method then you can also prevent from viruses without using any antivirus software.So let’s start the discussion:

Why You Should Write Protect USB Drives?

  • To protect your data from being deleted,moved or replaced by children etc.
  • To protect your drives with viruses.
  • To stop thieves from stealing your data.
  • To prevent from errors which appear on device start-up.

How To Write Protect Memory Cards And Drives?

To write protect your memory cards and flash drives you need to download a software by clicking on the download button below: (Dont worry it’s only of 500Kb)

                                         Download Now

Now after downloading write protecting software follow the instructions:
  1. Extract files (which are in software) to a hard drive or memory card which you want to be write protected.
  2. Now open file ”Urcam” and accept the software agreements.
  3. Now click on ”Password” button located at the left below side of software.
  4. Now enter your desired password and click on save.
  5. Now set your USB Drive to ‘Read Only’ from software.
  6. Now click on save button and plug out your drive and then plug in
  7. Enjoy! Your drive has been write protected successfully!

Thinking how to remove write protection of it? It’s simple just go to your memory card/USB flash drive and open the URCAM file and remove the write protection by following some simple steps.If you are facing any problem please watch the video tutorial below to get your problems solved!

Video Tutorial Explanation (Urdu/Hindi):


Your Turn:

I tried my best to explain you each and everything about write protecting your important drives.I hope that you would have liked the video tutorial.Please share this tutorial to support us and comment if you are having any problem related to anything.We will try or best to help you.Remember us in your prayers!


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