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Hey! Folks,today I will tell you how you can deal with content thieves to stop them and remove your copied content from their website.There are many copy-cats on the internet and they are always looking for content to hunt.As you know content is the most dynamic part of a blog.It’s only the important thing which makes it grow and become famous.Protecting your content from online content copiers is the most important step is Seo.What if you keep on spending your valuable time on writing articles and someone copies your content and gets a good rank in Seo.In this situation you will get very disappointed and it will really hurt you.Most bloggers are worried for this critical situation.The article which took 2 hours to be written get’s copied in just 2 minutes.But you dont need to worry because today I will tell you how you can take actions regarding copy-cats.Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) helps bloggers to protect their content from online content copiers.But if you are using WordPress,Joomla or other platform which is not owned by Google you will have to pay for each take down request.On the other hand if you are using Blogger as your blogging platform then you dont need to panic because removing content from websites being hosted by blogger is totally free and you dont need to spend a single penny.It works with perfection.Let’s start the discussion.

Why You Need To Protect Your Content?

  • To Prevent From Getting Deranked: Search engines love unique and rich content to be ranked #1 on results.If some people are copying your content search engines may be fooled and will consider your content as copyright and will give a good rank to copy-cat.This can also lead to site penalization by Google.
  • To Prevent Adsense From Getting Disabled: If you are using Google Adsense account on your website/blog and some content thieves are around you your Adsense account may get disabled due to duplicate content.
  • Emotional Aspect: Your content is your property and no one has the right to cheat it.If content theft keeps on going you may loose interest in blogging and will become annoyed.
  • Loosing Visitors: If your content is being copied regularly you may loose ranking in search results and your site may get down ranked.

How To Deal With Content Thieves?:

  1. Warning Thieve To Delete Your Copied Stuff: You can write an email to copy-cat to warn him/her to remove your copied content and say him/her that you will file a DMCA case against him/her.You should also tell them disadvantages of copying your stuff.If they remove your content then it’s good but if they misbehave with you then dont feel angry because you have the right to take legal action regarding them.
  2. File A DMCA Case Regarding Copy-Cat: You can remove your copied content by filing a DMCA case.(To File A Dmca Case Click Here Or Here) If you want to file A DMCA case regarding an infringing website copying your blog posts which is being owned by copy-cat then select ‘Blogger’ and proceed.Now fill the required details and give solid reasons in answers and proofs which tell that your content is being copied.If he again publishes the article which you complained earlier his blog will be completely removed.If copycat is not using blogger and is using other platform like WordPress Or Joomla etc his indexed blog posts on Google will be removed (Posts will only be removed from search engines not from website because WordPress is hosted by you.Only Blogger is being hosted by Google)
  3. What If You Are Facing Financial Problems While If Thief Is WordPress User? If you are facing some financial problems then you can also take actions by filing a complaint in cyber cell.They will take action and the copy-cat might be arrested and can also be fined.(For Doing It Click Here: File DMCA Complaints For WordPress Blogs)

Video Tutorial Explanation (Urdu/Hindi)

Your Turn:

Are you having any problem regarding filing a Dmca case? Dont take tension.! Just comment your problems and we will try our best to solve them.Please also share this post on social media to support us! We are eagerly waiting for your experience regarding copy-cats.We will like to hear your stories.Remember me in your prayers!


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