Format Write Protected Memory Cards And USB Drives (Urdu/Hindi)

A.o.A! Today in this video tutorial we will learn how we can format write protected memory cards and USB flash drives.Formatting write protected data without any software is really a headache.I myself also used to face this problem and one day I got solution of it which I am gonna tell you in this video tutorial and written article.Some memory cards and USB flash drives have write protected privacy and they cannot be formatted if you dont remove password from them.Sometimes they get write protected automatically due to viruses and are very difficult to format.Whatever the reason,but you shouldn’t loose hope because I have come up with a solution which works perfectly and you can again start using your favorite USB by formatting it without any problem.In case of memory cards the most annoying error is ”Memory card not formatted,Format?” I really hate it and I am fed up of it.This is the most common error in a memory card.People try many antiviruses to remove this error and think that this is a virus.Yes it’s true that it occurs due to virus and the virus only write protects your card.It does not harm your data at all.So now let’s start the tutorial and let me tell you how to fix these bugs:

How To Format Write Protected Devices?

To format write protected devices you need to download a software called ‘mUsbFixer’ You can download this software for free by clicking on the download button below.The best thing of this software is that it has the ability to format all USB drives and memory cards without any risks.You dont need any registration key or need to crack this software.It’s totally free! Now download it from here (Size: 1Mb Only)

                              Download Now

Now after downloading software follow these instructions or watch video tutorial in Urdu & Hindi below instructions:
  1. Plug in your drive and open software.
  2. Open software and select USB drive to fix.
  3. Click on ”Recover shortcut folders’ to fix the drive (If the drive is not fixed format it)
  4. Now again select USB drive and click on ”Format write protected drive’
  5. Now plug out your device and plug in to see the problem is fixed.
  6. If the problem is not fixed try doing this process again 

I used this software and I formatted my 2 flash drives and 1 memory card with help of it.I didn’t find any problem.If you dont understand the step by step guide then please watch the video tutorial below:

Video Tutorial About Formatting Write Protected Drives:


Your Turn:

I tried my best to explain you each and everything about this video tutorial and I hope that you would have liked it.Please share this video tutorial to support us and keep on viewing our website for more video tutorials and dont forget to subscribe to newsletter and like our FaceBook Page If you are having any problem related to anything then please feel free to ask us! We will try to solve it.Remember me in your prayers..!!


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