A.o.A! Today I will tell you how you can register Dot Tk domain for free and how to add it as a custom domain in blogger.Dot Tk domains were introduced in 1997, they did not become popular because they were abused badly.According to wikipedia McAffe conducted a survey and came to a result that these domains were used in any kind of phishing,spamming and scamming.So these domains are free nowadays because most people do not buy them and are interested in premium domains like .com,.net etc.These domains are free for one year and after one year you will have to register them again.Do not worry because renewal is also free.Most people asked me and messaged on my website’s Facebook to tell them how can they get a free domain.Mostly asked about Dot tk but unfortunately .com domains are not free.They are included in premium domains.So now I have hunted a free domain which is .tk and I will tell you how you can register this domain and then use it on blogger.I have made a video tutorial (Urdu/Hindi) + written Step by Step guide for its registration and guide how do you add it as a custom domain in blogger.I hope that you will like it.Now let’s start:

Video Tutorials For Free Dot Tk Domain In Urdu/Hindi:

How To Register A Free Dot Tk Domain?

Adding A Custom Dot Tk Domain In Blogger:

Advantages Of Dot TK Domain:

  • Totally free for one year,after one year you can register it again
  • Renewal of domain is also free
  • Works perfectly on both Blogger & WordPress (Hosting)
  • Domain forwarding system
  • Use the Ambassador program
  • Update your domain
  • Access stats
  • Anonymous registration
  • Whois protection

Disadvantages Of Dot TK Domain:

  • Registration is cancelled automatically if you do not get at least 25 visitors per month.
  • Not Seo friendly as compared to other premium domains.
  • Abused a lot in phishing,scamming etc.
  • You can not have good Google page rank as compared to other premium domains.
  • No support by Dot TK team.

My Advise:

I tried my best to guide you about this domain’s registration and adding it as a custom domain in Blogger,and these were some advantages and some disadvantages of this domain.According to me Dot Tk domain is the best choice if you are a beginner.You should give it a try.I will give it 7 out of 10 Marks.10 by 10 marks are only for premium domains like .com .net .org etc.Please also give your opinion in comments about this domain.It will be nice to hear from you,and I request you to please share this tutorial with friends so that they can also hunt this domain.I will be eagerly waiting for your response.Take care and Allah Hafiz!


    • Wow! what a great personality commented on my blog 🙂 -feeling excited ……..thnx a lot bro for the appreciation Stay TunEd!!

    • I will soon make a video tutorial on it..! You can add .tk domain with 000webhost free web hosting and other hostings.!


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