Alexa is one of the most popular company known for ranking websites,so I decided to make a tutorial to guide you how you can submit your website in Alexa and rank it.I will also tell you how you can verify your website in Alexa because most of the people have problems in verifying it.Only webmasters know that what is the importance of submitting site in Alexa.If you have healthy alexa rank then your page ranking in search results will increase a lot.There are many advantages of submitting website in Alexa like Quick Approval Of Adsense,BuySellAds and much more advertising companies,ranking your web pages on the top of search engines.We have also discussed about SEOany of our video tutorials.I hope that you have learned a lot from it.So by not waisting your time I start the tutorial and I hope that you will like it and you will also share it with your friends.In this tutorial I will also tell you how you can add widget and install the Alexa tool bar to increase your ranking in Alexa.The process for it is very simple and easy and I have explained each and everything in full detail.In this tutorial I have used blogger to verify Alexa blog/website.Now see tutorial:

Step By Step Guide For Submitting Website Into Alexa:

  • Create an account on alexa
  • Now you have created account on Alexa, check that you are logged into Alexa.
  • Now go to alexa site owner claim page link- And fill in text box your blog/website domain name and click on “Claim your Site” button. As shown in below picture.
  • After clicking on claim your site button a new page will be open, on this page all the plans and offers are present. As shown below photo. I recommend you to choose the free plan for your blog or website. 
  • Now click on “Sign Up” below the Free Plan Verifying Blog/Website on Alexa
  • Now you need to verify your ownership at alexa.  
  • After clicking on the Sign up page, Again a new page open. It will show verification details for your blog or website.
  •  After choosing anyone of the methods click on verify my ID.

You have done/congratulations your site/blog has been successfully submitted into alexa.Now you would be
thinking how you can check your alexa rank So you can check your rank by typing the Url like this:

Replace yoursiteurl with your link of your Site/Blog and you are done!

Final Words:

I tried my best to explain you each and everything and now it is your turn.Please give us feedback about your experience in submitting your site into alexa in comments section.We hope that you would have liked the  tutorial.If you have any problem related to anything then please ask us.We will try our best to help you and please also share this post with your friends to support us.Social media share buttons are given at the end of each post.Happy Blogging!


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