A.o.A! Today in this video tutorial I will tell you how you can make money with Infolinks in text advertising.The advertising network has become one of the giants when it comes to in-text advertisements on websites and blogs. Infolinks is the best choice for websites / Blog’s having high quality content in the form articles.It serves ad to visitors related to keywords of the article.For example: If a person searches about Google Adsense then the visitor will be delivered ads related to Making Money Online and similar keywords. Infolinks has best keyword targeting system which delivers Ads better than other text advertising ad networks.It is having very smart ad units.It usually approves every site/blog.It is not having strict policies as Adsense and some other popular networks.In this video tutorial (Urdu / Hindi)  I have explained each and everything about Infolinks and I hope that you will clearly understand about its all system which is much easier than other Ad networks.So by not wasting your time Let’s Start The Video Tutorial:

Video Tutorial About Infolinks:


Advantages Of Infolinks:

  • Approves every site / blog (Does not have strict policies as Adsense)
  • Easy integration system (Automatic You do not need to create a special space for the advertisements to appear)
  • Very high Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • You can make more money as compared to other Ad networks
  • Several monetizing options
  • Not too big-n-complex Privacy Policy
  • Paypal payment option

Final Words:

I tried my best to explain you each and every thing about Infolinks. Now it is your turn,please share this video tutorial to appreciate us and If you are having any problem then please comment.We will try our best to solve your problem.Remember me in your prayers…..!!!!!



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