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A.o.A! Today in this Urdu video tutorial I will teach you how to change your facebook theme in urdu and hindi.As you know facebook is one of the top social media sites in the world and many people use it,and some people get bored and some people leave due to the bad themes which are difficult to browse.So I decided to make a video tutorial in which I will tell you how to change facebook theme.The procedure for changing facebook theme is very simple.You have to install ‘Stylish’ extension only for changing the facebook theme.This procedure works on every browser for ex: Google Chrome,Opera Mini,Mozilla Firefox.In this video lecture I have used Google Chrome to guide you.I hope you will like the video tutorial.If you have any problem regarding anything related to this video tutorial then please comment.We will try our best to help you.Please also share this video tutorial with your friends.Social media share buttons are given under every post.You can easily share tutorials of this site with your friends.
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Please also like our FaceBook Page to appreciate and comment on this post to support us.Now watch the video tutorial and change your facebook layout in minutes.Good Luck Facebookians! Remember me in your prayers..!!!

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Video Tutorial For Changing Facebook Theme:

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  1. Very good tutorial sir thanks very much 🙂 Please make a video tutorial on making money with facebook and twitter in pakistan..


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