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A.o.A! In this video tutorial I will teach you how you can post in all Facebook groups in a single click without any software.The process for this is very simple and easy.As you know FaceBook is one of the top social media sites in the world and many people use it and there are lots of spammers in it,who are always looking for right place ti spam.Some have problem in posting in groups because there internet speed is slow and they have to go in each group and then post there and it consumes a lot of time.So here is good news for those guys..Now you can post in all facebook groups at once without any restrictions.Now there are two techniques I found for auto group posting one is software and other is script.Script is very easy to use but software is little difficult to use.The good thing of software is that it has tons of functions like: adding photo in post,scheduling post etc (These options are not present in the script.The script only posts written text,link).Now it depends upon you which you want to use.I recommend you software due to its features and remember use it on your own risk because many people get there profiles banned for some months due to spamming.If you dont want to face facebook jail then use it once a day and post in some groups so that you cant be caught.We promise it is no spam nor hacking For downloading it click the download button below:

                                [sociallocker] Download [/sociallocker]


Note: Use any of the above scripts.I have mentioned two because if one stops working you can use the second one.You just need one script to auto post in facebook groups.

Now after downloading the script follow these steps aur watch the video tutorial beneath it: 

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  • Open The Script (Using Notepad) And Copy It completely By Pressing Ctrl+A
  • Go To Facebook Left Click And Select ‘Inspect Element’ Option
  • A new window will open.Now Click On The ‘Console’ Box And Press Ctrl+V To Paste The Script And Press Enter
  • After some seconds A Box Will Appear In Which You Will Have To Write The Post
  • Write Your Post (Text Or Link) And Click on ”Post” button
  • After Sometime A Pop Up Will Appear ‘Your Posting Has Been Completed Now Refresh Your Homepage’
  • Refresh Your Homepage And Open Any Group you will see your posts there as well as on your facebook timeline
  • Congratulations! Auto Posting Has Been Successfully completed

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NOTE: Please use this script only two times a day otherwise it will get banned from your Facebook profile.You will have to carefully use this script.It’s features are awesome! You can post in all groups including your timeline for free.If you have any other script you can attach  it in a message and then forward it to us via our Facebook page.Bad thing is that you cannot attach an image in the post but dont panic I am working and I will release that trick soon.I will also share how you can add all friends in a Facebook group at a time,with a single click! If this script stops working then please comment so that we can update it immediately.

If you are not understanding the Step By Step guide then please watch this video tutorial.The process is explained and I am sure that you will not have any problem:

Video Tutorial For Facebook Auto Group Posting:

Thanks, for watching the video tutorial we hope that you would have liked it now please comment to appreciate us and dont forget to share this post with your friends..!!! Remember me in your prayers..!! We are eagerly waiting for your response! It will be nice to hear from you.


    • Thanks, Buddy for appreciating our work keep viewing our site for more tricks and please share it with your friends..!!

    • Bro ap browser change kr k dekho…aur dobara tutorial dekho k kahen ap ghalti tu nahi kr rahy….ager pher b prob aata hi tu mujhe error btao aur yeh b btao k vo error kab aata hi I wiil try my best to help you..!!!!!

    • Thanks for appreciation……no It is not possible to sow image on the post using this script……Soon I am gonna create a Facebook Auto Group Posting application…..using that you will be able to attach an image in post…..I will share it when the app is ready..!! Keep viewing our site and dont forget to like our facebook page for more tricks..

    • Bro if you will use this once in 2 days that would be fine otherwise you will be blocked and yes you can share video link too.Any link..!

  1. Wah.. Thats Awsome….Thanks for it bro…. or dear i also have a 2 question… groups py pictures kesy send keya ja sakta hy.. and .. is method kor har bar repeat krna hoga..

  2. This site is best for bulk marketing work on internet but after posting scripts, facebook blocks the id. Please do some resolution of this problem.


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