Saturday , 15 December 2018

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How To Open Youtube Without Proxy Or Software In Pakistan

AoA! Friends today I am gonna tell you how you can browse Youtube easily without using any proxy,software like Hotspot Shield or Unblocking website while living in Pakistan.These are the latest methods in 2014 and are easy to use.There are actually 3 methods for opening Youtube in Pakistan.Now let me discuss all these methods in detail. Method 1 (Establishing A …

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Top 5 Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting Companies In Pakistan

Web hosting is basically a service which store your websites files in a high powered computer which is connected with a very fast and advanced network system. When someone types the web address he/she is redirected to desired website which is being hosted by a web hosting company.Choosing a best web hosting company is very important thing is seo.If you …

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Top 5 Cheapest Domain Name Registrars

Finding cheapest and reliable domain name registration websites on internet is really a headache for newbies.If you are newbie in blogging the first thing you will hunt is a top level domain (TLD) Most of beginners search on internet about ”affordable domain name registration companies” and every time they catch a new site.Some are selling domains for $9 and some …

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How To Design Urdu Poetry In Adobe Photoshop?

A.o.A! Friends,today in this video tutorial I will teach you how you can beautifully design HD urdu poetry using Adobe Photoshop.Almost all people like poetry and we see thousands of poetry photos designed elegantly on Facebook,twitter and on other social platforms.I myself also love poetry and I design it whenever I read a quote.I decided to make this video tutorial …

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How To Write Protect USB Drives And Memory Cards With Password (Urdu/Hindi)

A.o.A! Today in this tutorial I will tell you how you can write protect your USB Flash Drives,Hard Drives And Memory Cards using Passwords.Nowadays computer has become use of everyone.Data is the most important thing in a computer and when your USB drive or Hard drive get’s into your children hand’s then you may loose your important data.Data may get …

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