Tuesday , 13 November 2018


How To Disable Right Click On WordPress & Blogger Websites? Urdu/Hindi

Content is the most important part of a blog.It is given more value as compared to design etc.Nowadays copy-paste bloggers are increasing rapidly.Its just easy to copy articles from any blog for copy cats.But there are some steps that if taken make it hard for them to steal.Disabling right click on your blog is one of them.Although plagiarism doesnt get …

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Blogger VS WordPress Which Is Better Platform For Blogging?

If we talk about Blogging many questions hit our mind,but most frequently asked question is ”Which Blogging Platform To Choose?” Many newbies come across this question and get confused.There are many blogging platforms like Joomla,WordPress,Blogger,Tumblr,TypePad etc.But most popular platforms are Blogger & WordPress because they have won hearts and attention of Bloggers towards them.According to me newbies start with Blogger …

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Top Seo Optimized Free Blogger Templates Of 2014

A design of a blog is the most dynamic part.It’s the second thing you need to worry about after choosing a perfect domain name.The design of your blog attracts both visitors and advertisers.People love to read your content if the layout of your blog is good.In blogger style of your blog is termed as ”template”.There are thousands of blogger templates …

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