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How To Swap A Face On PSD In Photoshop? Urdu/Hindi

Hello! Friends in one of my previous posts I shared some Men Dresses Collection PSD’s with you and I was pretty happy by knowing that you all liked it.Some people were having problems in adding a face on that cloth psd so I decided to make a tutorial on it so that you can easily understand how actually we cut a face from a picture and then paste it on dress PSD.Swapping face is not a difficult task but you have to work carefully and make some adjustments for a better picture which looks real.You can use any version of Adobe Photoshop in this cut-paste game.The tools needed for swapping faces are present in almost every version of Photoshop.In this tutorial I am using Adobe Photoshop Version 8.0.I’ve made a video tutorial so that you can easily understand whats happening.

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Things Required: 

Sample Image:sample-image

Some Tips:

I designed this upper image quickly so it does’nt seem to be perfect.You should make the face adjustments appropriate according to the dress and use dodge tool to whiten part of face or use color tool.You can add any image as a background too (Better if add from starting).Crop face till neck from image and zoom image while removing background of head for better image.

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Video Tutorial (Urdu & Hindi)

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Thanks for watching the video tutorial I hope that you would have learn face swapping.If you have any questions regarding todays tutorial feel free to ask and dont forget to leave a response about this post.

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